[tx-arts] is a simple curated feed all about NFT artists and cool projects in the space. The community surrounding this scene is one of the most supportive we’ve all probably experienced in the creative industry – you can genuinely feel the excitement between all artists about the potential that NFT’s hold.

There is an absolute dearth of talented people creating art right now, most of which were off the radar. We are now in a moment where an insane amount of new people are entering the space. Which means even more noise to cut through on social media.

The plan with [tx-arts] is to publish a daily curated feed away from the algos where new and established artists can get a feature. Hopefully [tx-arts] can get more of us connected and inspired. And also make it easier for collectors to connect with great artists too.



For submissions. Please don’t include attachments. Just send us your social media handles and homepage.


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Mailing List

It’s early days, but when things are moving the plan is to release a bi-weekly mailer.
You can sign up to it here.


You can find us on Twitter @txarts_

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